Thursday, August 16, 2007

HNT (The Play-along at work Edition).

I am...still at work. Just hit the 16+ hours of work mark (I think. My cognitive ability is becoming impaired...)
...just as it was in this week's HNT! This is a pic just from last weekend, we (Crayons, Mr.T and I) met up with Lycorys, a friend of ours from an online messageboard community.
As you see here, when preparing to ingest the amazingly divine beverage known as Whiskey, one should either wear a look of peaceful contemplation or a sexy, I-own-you-bitch look. (I was the one with the peaceful contemplative look on the right :P ... although I have been known to throw that sexy look around after a few).
Cheers! And HHNT! (Now I'm going the hell home to crash for a few hours....)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What a week!

What a week.

Classes officially finished up Monday and grades were turned in yesterday. The result: Straight A's. :D (pushes nerdy, taped glasses up onto bridge of nose and gives a smug grin)

Today, my first published bit of writing went on sale!

Its been an amazing week so far (despite my 12-hour work days--even work is seeing a lot of productivity this week). I can't wait for a chance to breathe so that I can just sit back and bask in the accomplishment.

Oh, fall classes start next week. So I should probably bask quickly...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

One long night...HNT

Okay, I swear I didn't forget.

I've been attached to my desk all night, pounding out a final copy of the class project for business--and that was after taking my last statistics exam for the semester.

Whee! I can almost taste the freedom :D

So, here's the HNT. With not much lying around...and knowing that I feel like crap so I probably look like crap, I took a few quick photos of all my paperwork scattered on the floor with various lengths of my leg and or feet poking through.

Sorry its not sexier ;) Its the best I could manage at 3:15 in the am...

Right, so I have to get some rest so that I can go to work in a few hours. Goodnight all, and HHNT!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The End is Near...

...I feel it coming closer, ever closer.

The curtains are falling for the summer class schedule of 2007. I just sent my business professor my final test and when I turn in that group project later this week, I'll be done with the class. My exam for statistics is Wednesday, after which I'll be completely without classes until August 21st or so.

I was looking forward to a rest and relax but sadly there is a looming deadline (doesn't it always work out that way?). The deadline is set for August the 20th which means I may end up with a one day break before I begin those fall classes.

At least I manage to keep busy. I'll shoot for having that subdivision done before the 20th...hopefully allowing a little more space to breathe. If I fail at that, though, then at least there's a vacation popping up in September.

I can't wait. I sorely need it.

Hope all of you are well out there (and not too busy)!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aarrrrggggghhhhhhhhh HNT!

Aaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I promise ye, this'll be thee last pirate-themed aych-an-tee tha' ye'll see in some time! Aaaarrrgggghhh.

So, that's me in last weekend's birthday party get up. Its a better picture with my bright blue eyes...but if I gave it all away in one photo, then this wouldn't be half-nekkid, would it?

I wonder if either of the other blokes involved have blogged about the party...or if that's something I should write out...

ah well. Its late...and I should probably start to wind down for bed.

Goodnight, all! And HHNT!!!!