Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random: My eyes are bleeding!

Okay, not really bleeding; they're figuratively bleeding. I've been pounding away at some work for about the last four hours--which doesn't include the ten straight hours I worked earlier today.

It sucks but I feel as if I've actually accomplished something. I've managed to navigate the most painful part of setting up a bunch of design standards and its really the last hill I had to climb. Everything else with these files will be downhill from here which means that I may be able to crank out this road design within the next three weeks as requested.

I have a slight headache--but a few sips of whiskey should take that edge off.

I spent part of tonight with my boy. Not enough time; there never seems to be enough time. Sigh. I'm looking forward to Halloween and the first weekend in November--both of which will be spent in his mischievous company.

Also, my birthday is swiftly approaching (this coming weekend). I'll be just a bit older than that cliche spring chicken we all hear so much about. Sadly, because of work, I'm having to rearrange my plans slightly. I'll probably have to pass on what's become a yearly tradition for me: Taking off the surrounding three or four days of work to write. There is just too much work and not enough me to go around (right ladies?). I still may pop out of the office early (or in late), if possible, but my odds aren't that great at this point. But such is life. And I do have a great weekend planned with a bunch of folks in, I'll get over it.

Not much else is up here on the eastern front. My brother's enlisted and will be marrying his girlfriend this weekend (all very, very suddenly, mind you). I shouldn't comment too much about it--but I wish him more luck than I had in each situation.

HNT tomorrow...I'll see you all then (or you'll see me, rather) ;) Until then...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HNT - With the Spiked-ed Hair.

I haven't violated this aspect of the HNT rules just yet. I haven't overused it. Not in the slightest.

So here it HNT violated by the cuteness that is my hellspawn. I promise not to overuse this, but, I figured since I've been absent for a's a decent return.

The hair is spiked-ed in the pictures because of a bit of psoriasis (I blame my father for that...the genes skipped a generation and I have no maladies). Anyway, I ask only that you bask in the glory that is my son, Aidan. He's beautiful...and amazing...and almost always wearing a smile (which we all need at times)...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Seven Things...

- Crayons tagged me.

1. I've never been blog-tagged before.

2. I was born in Belgium (I am a military brat).

3. I was in the marching band in high school *cough*band geek*cough*.

4. Obviously, I did survive my surgery and have just been absent for other reasons.

5. I was a computer engineering major in my freshman year of college but changed to a double major of psychology and criminal justice. Had to leave college, wound up working in the civil engineering field while trying to finish my degree--only a business degree this time.

6. I once had an agent for acting.

7. Did you know I'm actually published now? If you're a gamer geek, please pick up a copy and support my habit :D