Monday, February 25, 2008

Whisper to me...

Recently, I threw my hat in the ring with the Whispers short fiction writing contest. My entry is
Beneath the Ash (Entry 35). If you have a moment, pop over there and read a few of the stories.

I've been jotting a bunch of ideas down for my writing recently, so hopefully I'll put my fingers to type and pop out a few stories soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Month

I feel that this entire month is just speeding past. It has been packed with illnesses, chaos at work, Aidan's third birthday, exhaustion, and finally goodbyes to one vehicle and hello to another.

Life is rocking along at an incredible pace. (Speaking of rocking, I have mastered Guitar Hero I & II on medium and am about halfway through conquering Part III)


Illnesses - Somehow, I've managed to avoid it all. Its cycling around and around and around here. Each pass, I miss it, somehow. I'll credit the glass of whiskey that I have on occasion but seriously, I haven't had that supposed immune-boosting glass in over a week. Maybe I should just accept my immune system is on overdrive.

Chaos at Work - Not the typical chaos either. Additional Chaos stacked on top of the Standard Chaos. I had to fill in as an IT Guy for the last half of this past week. We upgraded our computers to handle our software. Unfortunately, I am more trusted with the desktop machines than the IT Guy, which means all of the work fell on my shoulders.

Still, I managed to have everything switched over and fixed quickly enough (although not quickly enough to avoid some overtime).

Aidan's Third Birthday - Was fun (to the left is a photo from his Birthday Eve with Ely poking her head in to make sure she was included). We chose not to take on anything too trying this year--a good choice for my sanity. It was a simple night at home with dinner, cake, ice cream, gift opening and fun! He loved his presents, ice cream, cake, and not so much the dinner but I believe that is to be expected of a three year old.

Recently, he's also taken to potty-training like a champ. He's only had one accident in the last couple months. AND, he's conquered the very first trial of growing into a young man--that event that is sure to annoy bathroom-cleaners, mothers or maids everywhere--the ability that all women* long for in the wintry season: The act of peeing while standing.

Yes, my son is now a "real" boy. If only I could make sure he never lies...

Exhaustion - A staple of my chaotic and filled existence. Still, I'm feeling it more right now than usual (or at least it seems that way). I think that may just be because my body is fighting off the illness referenced above.

Goodbyes and Hellos - I have had a couple of these in the last month. The most recent would be the trading of my current vehicle for a brand-spanking-new Scion. The clutch had gone in the old car, the timing belt was not keeping the best of time, so, sadly, I had to say goodbye to her. I spent most of yesterday at the dealer (with Aidan in tow) working out the paperwork for a Scion which will hopefully perform very well over the next few years.

As for more personal Goodbyes and Hellos, I caught up recently with my first "real" girlfriend from high school. She and I met up for some coffee a couple weekends back to reminisce and see how each other were doing. It was nice knowing that she's doing well.

It was also interesting to observe the changes between us. We're definitely not the people we were all those years ago; I consider that a very, very good thing.


I believe that brings us fairly current with my crazy life. Hope all is well out there in the really, real world . . .

* - I do not really believe that all women desire the ability to pee standing up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rock Out!

She batted those long, undeniable black lashes, blue eyes shining in the early morning sun. "Um," she cautiously stalked into the question, one foot twisting in a small circle against the carpeted floor, "later today could I rock out?"

She (Crayons' and Mr. T's daughter) was referring to Guitar Hero, which has only recently become a part of the household but it already holds a coveted place. The advertising for the game should go something like this (maybe):

Want to be the coolest middle-aged person on your block? Run out today to your nearest Gamestop and pick up GUITAR HERO! Go now! Get the band back together!

Guitar Hero is much more challenging than I expected. I actually found myself getting into it, believe it or not, and I'm not big on video games.

The callouses I once had when I used to attempt to play guitar (yes--"attempt"--I'll not delude myself about that) are suddenly all back. Didn't even need real strings for that. Even my forearm was a little tender for a day or so.

So, if you're looking for one of those "active" video games, get the band back together.