Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back in Black

I was completely done with the other layout. Completely.

It is a bit strange, I'm sure. I do not blog so often but the background really, really needed to change. I have been tinkering around with custom layouts. I'm not sure anything will come of it really.

I suppose we'll see.

Other things on the agenda for this month:

  • Work
  • School (homework, yay!)
  • Certification testing
  • Crayons' birthday
Feeling a bit cynical. See you next post.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The season...

...will be over when I say its over!

Seriously, I'm not sure what I am waiting for. Something.

I am around, though. I can feel this blog looming behind me like a creepy, large man with heavy, rancid, hot breath.

Something is coming...

In the meantime, I have kept busy with school and work. Returning to school is always awesome, of course. (Hold on one sec, I need to push my nerd glasses farther up the bridge of my nose.)

I am hoping that work will calm down sooner rather than later. We have had layoffs (of course). Thankfully, I am in a position to avoid most of that. A vacation is needed!