Wednesday, March 5, 2008


To anyone out there reading, I'm trying to get back into writing more constantly. I plan on posting sequential snippets of writings (every two or three days), just to try to find my groove again.

Feel free to comment. I won't mind any criticism.


Edgar fired up the cigarette. His lungs sizzled with relief. With the back of his trembling, meaty hand, he mopped a layer of sweat from his brow.

The crowd traipsed before his beady eyes, cockroaches scrabbling across the streets. They moved against the neon tapestry of the city, hustling between clubs, casinos, and strip-shows. A rapid tribal drumming clashed against heavy guitar wailing, giving life to the macabre dance.

The stink of sweating flesh suffocated Edgar. A few raindrops splattered atop his head.

His eyes locked on an aberration in the crowd. A shadow stood unwavering against the sea of bodies passing both around and through it.

Edgar gulped. He stepped back slowly. It mimicked his movement. The neon lighting tugged at its edges unnaturally.

Faster, Edgar spun on his heel. He crashed into a line of kids. The cigarette slipped from his lip, dying in a puddle on the sidewalk. He spat an apology and glanced back.

The shadow slid closer. A cold chill lanced his spine.

Edgar shoved the kids aside. He darted down the congested street.