Monday, January 28, 2008


I ran a mile and a half tonight to help stretch my body out (on top of my normal stretching) so that I could venture into the complex world of Bellydancing.

Yes, you read that word correctly. Bellydancing.

As a man, I'm socially trained to believe that the "love-handle" is the most hideous spot of the male body (despite the ugliness of some...ahem...other body parts). Whether or not my Handles of Love are nearly as bad as I imagine them to be, they certainly felt as if they were getting in the way tonight.

Bellydancing grabbed my Handles of Love by the hair and showed them who the real man of the house was.

Now, my abdomen is crying out in sweet, sweet pain for more. My arms want to dance like silky serpents through the air. My hips demand that I move in sexy ways (if I were proficient, that is) that they've never wanted to before.

I just wonder if this feeling will pass before I go to work tomorrow. Otherwise, I may be shaking my ass, hips, or many other body parts as I undulate up and down the walkways tomorrow. I'll let you know if I receive any harassment claims.

Oh, and sorry, no pics ;)

Until next time...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Missed it!

Well, I missed the HNT this week so you'll just have to forgive it. I'm not much in the mood to recycle a picture in an attempt to post this week. I'd rather give you something...original.

So, here we are with a few rambling words from yours truly, instead.

Too much time working this week. Large project has to go out (how often do I find myself saying that anymore. Note to self: Need new catch phrase).

So much time working, in fact, that Mr. T nearly brought dinner to me because he and Crayons thought I wouldn't be home until late-late again. Instead, I gave up work (trying to kick that habit) and set it aside finally at six pm and headed home for dinner.

I also haven't been very thorough with the workout this week. That's something that should improve. It always seems as if Life is getting in the way of "the routine" but perhaps its just an example of my being a gentleman, opening the door for Life, which then distracts from "the routine".

*Sigh* The pains of being human.

At least there's that wonderful excuse of everyone being sick this week (almost deathly ill in a few instances) to toss into that mix. Still, I've managed to slide by the illness this time, it seems. Yes, yes, that sound you just heard was yours truly knocking on wood. ;)

Alright, I fear this is where the rambling ends for the night. There's not a lot interesting going on in my world at the moment (unless you count that looming Shopping Center I'm working on--and I try not to). Hope everything is well out there in ReaderLand.

Until we next meet...

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Long Weekend...

In some manner, utilizing some abnormal definition, this past weekend was a four day weekend for yours truly. I did not technically go to work on Friday. I did not technically go to work today. Instead, I utilized my personal back door to work from home.

Friday, I had to meet with "the competition" and provide my taxi services to Crayons, who needed to drop the kid-mobile off at the dealer for standard scheduled work. So, I provided a vehicle by which Ely could attend school and Crayons could drop off and pick up her vehicle. In that busiest of days, I also spent an hour, maybe two, answering a rash of emails that erupted in my mailbox when something went wrong at work and later making a phone call to assure myself that all had been righted.

The meeting with "the competition" was not anything treacherous, believe it or not. While I am not the most satisfied individual with my career (I do work too much for what I'm paid), I was not looking to backstab my employer. No, instead, I was searched out by these two individuals for another company. Two individuals that, combined, do two-thirds of my current job. They were looking for advice on transferring to a program with which I am unnaturally fluent.

I provided my advice for the low-low cost of lunch at a pleasant, upscale restaurant and we parted ways--with ideas of organizing a get-together for ALL the companies in our area to discuss these same topics. It really would be easier to have everyone on the same page, after all, even though, technically, we're in competition.

Saturday belonged to our bi-weekly [b]Game Day.[/b] My gaming group (who have temporarily, at least, decided to call themselves the "Order of the Burning Stag") rocked the city of Seaquen, hard. Right now, we are playing through the War of the Burning Sky campaign, ran by yours truly, and I'm having a blast. They're an awesome bunch of fun (and perverted) individuals.

Sunday was a day of rest which boiled down to a pursuit of knowledge in the financial realms (particularly regarding my son's financial future and the balancing of current account ledgers), the finishing of Greg Keyes' The Charnel Prince, and a healthy dose of Baldur's Gate II, which Crayons and I play together. Altogether, a good, relaxing day.

Monday was blessed with the appearance by my son, who is just amazing as far as I'm concerned. His daycare provider had taken the day off, so, he spent the day with myself and the T. Clan, running his cars across the floor, practicing his sign language and talking back a little (which ended with both time-outs and spankings, go figure). The child is stubborn--which definitely has been inherited from this Parabolist.

Fast-forward to this afternoon, another Gameday! We picked up right where we left off on Saturday with the group chasing after a hurricane summoning druid/monk. Twice, I worried about a TPK (Total Party Kill), but they managed to pull the rug out from underneath their foes. We finished up book three of the campaign: Shelter from the Storm and they delved headlong into adventure four. Fun!

I've also worked fourteen hours and have managed to read half of Beowulf. It's been a very busy, but awesome, weekend. I hope you've all had the same!

Goodnight...and until next time!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

HNT...the Good ol' days

And here we have a photo cut from the history books. I guess I was about 3.5-4 years old at this point. We had "professional" family portraits done because my brother was finally old enough for it at 1-1.5 years old.

Happy HNT.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm not sure what exactly is up with today but I've been unable to wake up all day long. I just had dinner a little while ago and it seems to have helped a bit but I didn't skip any meals today so I'm not sure what that means.

I can assume that its just normal exhaustion. Perhaps, there is a larger explanation. Was anyone else out there unable to wake up today?

I'm hoping now that my run in twenty minutes or so will finish kick-starting my mind. It is hard walking around in a haze all the time.

Monday, January 14, 2008


You look away for two seconds and all of a sudden two months have leapt off that horizon we call possibility and into that shifty textbook we call the past.

Where does it go?

Like so much sand, it just slips through our fingers. I'm not trying to be sad or emo here. Really, if it didn't slip through our fingers so quickly, we'd never have those moments that we cling to which we appreciate, so much.

Well, Happy New Year out there to all of you. Maybe I'll do a bit better with updating this year...or, maybe I'll use the excuse of being too busy again to avoid consistency. Either way, I hope a few of you hang around.

Forgive the sudden change of background. I'm actually working on a new layout for this place, but for the time being, I just grabbed one of the standard layouts.

See you sometime.