Thursday, May 31, 2007

HNT - The Sexy Dimple Moment..

Though my plate is more than full at the moment, I couldn't miss HNT!

Happy HNT!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Phil, Phil, Phil.

I have a stalker.

Phil, I'm calling you out. It has taken a long time and many soul-searching sessions to do this. I'm calling you out over this medium, the wonderfully vast expanse of the Intraweb.

Phil, please stop stalking me. Every time I turn around, you're there, serenading me with your lyrics, reaching out toward my heart.

I cannot take it anymore.

When I climbed into the dentist's chair Friday afternoon, I knew you'd pop on over the loudspeaker. You always do. You're consistent in your assault. Sure enough, you told me thru these walls that Only you know and I know. Its not true, Phil. Amy and Karlan know. Now, the rest of the world knows!

You caught up with me Saturday, though, didn't you, Phil? I was minding my own business at the local AC Moore. I was just trying to pick up a few supplies for that class project when you slipped behind the lines, to promise you'd find a way to my heart.

Phil, it doesn't matter if you hang in long enough. There's no such thing. One more night won't make any difference either.

I'm done.

Before you start with the, "If leaving me is easy...", just stop. Phil. It doesn't matter to me, Phil.

Do you remember
that Groovy kind of love we shared? Don't say, "It's not too late". It's over, Phil. It's not just something in the air tonight. You seriously drive me crazy. Leave me alone.

Don't make me call the Love police, Phil.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm in...

A proper introduction is on the way (along with a proper layout...)

Happy HNT