Saturday, June 14, 2008

P90X: So Sore...

SO damn sore.

Last night was Legs and Back X followed by a round of Ab-ripper X (339 ab reps spread across 11 exercises). This morning, I woke early, set up the living room and did P90 Fat Burner (not a regular part of the P90x Lean routine) and followed it up with Kenpo X (the normal part of the routine).

The legs and butt are soooo sore. Thankfully, tomorrow's a day off.

Today is a game day...

Monday, June 9, 2008


His name was Garrison. I didn't think about it at the time but, looking back, it was exceedingly apt.  He was six-foot-six or so and easily three-hundred pounds of nearly solid muscle.  He had played football in high school and college. Garrison had worked as a prison guard at a state penitentiary but decided, ultimately, upon a safer career in education when his first daughter was born.


You wouldn't have imagined it by looking at him--or even dared to think it--but he was my cheerleader.


It was nearly a decade ago that I was suffering through basic training.  I'm only five-foot-ten, maybe five-foot-eleven on a day of light gravity when I'm blessed with a bouncy spirit.  Then, I was still a very overweight two-hundred-and-fifty pounds.  I had somehow survived my freshman year.  Everyone else packed on fifteen.  I packed on fifty and picked up smoking.


Basic was trying, to say the least, and I'm not certain I could have made it through without the support of Garrison.


He was my cheerleader.  He knew what to say to drive me on, whether it was a simple, "Pick up the pace!" or the more wily ego-challenge, "You gonna let the drill sergeants beat you?!" 


He'd fall back when I slowed because I was losing my breath--because I felt like I was suffering too much, for too little.  When I fell asleep in class and lost my hat, he dropped and did the push-up punishment with me.  On fire-patrol, he always had my back.


He was a true, great friend.  Sadly, I only knew him for those three months.  Wherever he is, I wish him well.


This post is for all of the cheerleaders out there.  Those people dear to us that have helped us or spurred us to accomplish the difficult.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Arms, Shoulders & Ab-Ripper X: P90X - Day 3


Arms and shoulders are dead.  Abs are tight.


Day three was absolutely harsh.  I could barely lift my arms afterward to wash my hair. 


Helluva work out.  An hour of arms/shoulders/mainly tricep work and then we rolled over to struggle through the ab workout which was at an insane, heart-pumping rate.


I'll be so sore tomorrow.  I'm sure its worth it though.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

P90X - Day Two

Day 2 kicked off with nearly an hour of high-impact cardio training combining a bunch of fun exercises.  Fun not necessarily for the people doing it so much as for anyone that happens to pass by unexpectedly. 


I had fun though.  More flashbacks to the Army, particularly with the Superman/Bananas.  Those memories only intensified afterward when I refused to wait for the shower to heat up and dove into the cold water.


Way, way back in basic training, the water-heater for our barracks broke two weeks into the three (or so) month training.  Our assumption at the time was that it was another part of the training (read as: hazing).


Two weeks past and finally we said something to the Drill Sergeants. They told us to, "Suck it up!  You don't need hot water!"  We had no hot water for the remainder of the training--not until the head Drill Sergeant found out what was happening. 


I believe they fixed the water heater the day of graduation.


Fun memories.


Now, I'm done rambling. This is the site of the friend that recommended the P90X workout.  I'll add it to the 'Looking Glass' links on the side as well.

Monday, June 2, 2008

P90X - The Workout of Workouts

Wow.  Just, wow. 


Started the P90x workout routine tonight and it was very difficult and very fun.  I had a blast despite feeling as if I could only accomplish 75% of the workout. 


It triggered a bunch of great memories from the Army. 


Of course, I may be weird for enjoying all the manual labor and training they force a person through.  Maybe I'm just an endorphine addict? 


Tomorrow's Day 2 of the routine.  Can't wait to see what's in store.


Oh, and on a completely unrelated note:  Venture Brothers:  Season Three just kicked off.  Amazing and funny stuff. 


Its an awesome week.