Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have been away from work for just about two weeks now. Away from work in a physical way because I have had to remotely access the server once to fix an issue, coordinate for some meetings via email, and lend guidance to a few coworkers via phone and email. Still, all of that only wasted about an hour of my life.

Without work, what does a Parabolist do?

God only knows. There has been a LOT of driving. We (24Crayons, Mr. T, and myself) drove to Dallas, where we spent a few days 'relaxing' with Crayons' family.

My 27th birthday happened to fall within that stretch of a few days. They, along with the aid of Crayons' grandmother and a friend of theirs, set up a wonderful birthday for me. The day began with a powerful massage (that masseuse's hands could apply enough pressure to bend steel, I'm sure).

After the massage, we snacked and rushed about to make it to the Dallas Museum of Art. The museum's major exhibit right now is the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharoahs. It was an impressive exhibit which, sadly, denied photography.

Once we had wandered through the exhibit and perused the gift shop, we dove head first into Dallas commuter traffic to get all gussied up for dinner. They had reserved a table for us at Nana's, a swanky restaurant on the top of the Anatole. The food was delicious and the apple martini's were loaded.

We collapsed shortly after dinner, knowing that the next part of our journey (another drive!) would begin the next morning.

We raced from Dallas to Searcy, Arkansas for the wedding of one very wonderful cosmopolitan, small town girl. Crayons was a bridesmaid and so was very busy with all those things bridesmaids do that men can never know about. Mr. T and I, in the meantime, hung out with the groom and his men.

It was a great ceremony--all the groomsmen were dressed in kilts. The bagpiper was absolutely amazing and everything went off without a hitch (which is as it should be). I wish the best to both of them.

We left the morning after the ceremony to return home. That's where I am now, stretched out on a couch, trying to enjoy the rest of my time off and just relax. Work begins again soon and it'll be the busiest its been all year due to a very large project resting solely on my shoulders.